Tuesday, 28 October 2008

so i havent been online in way too long.
ive lost weight.
which is amazing:)
but like.
have had a great time.

the boy i fancy likes me back.
+ we're pretty much together.
we made out and stuff.
and yeah, he's like, the sweetest person ever<33
but i was in town today.
+ i ran into 'bob' - see earlier post-.
+ that was weird..
i went up to him and hugged him.
but it was like, kthnxbye...
but yeah.
i had a full on fat day today.
+ i dont careD:<
i want to go downstairs for more food s'well...
i think i willl...

but tomorrow ima be good.
hopeuflly ill see theboy i fancy.
if he ever texts backD:<
+ he has no net atm..
so its like.

but today at like, 7 i went tesco with a couple of mates, which was really good.
i went callums first, coz he wanted money + to get changed.
but he came downstairs.
as i was stuck talking to his mum:
and was like, mum!
do my button up, my hands er that coldD:
was cute as.
i was like, aww now your all embaressed.
+ when we got to tesco, we told james + he was like.
you wanted your mum to touch your penis, instead of emma...
your weird..
t'was funny as.
but yusss.
everything si great atm:)

cept i think my 'sister' hates me...
i was like hi *******!
+ shes like, hi.
its weird..
blergh iono.

im tireddd.
+ ima get food.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

i havent been on here ina while.
ive been out.
i think im losing weight.
i had a couple bad days.
but lately ill have 2 things to eat all day.
which is like, amazing.
but ill get better.
tomorrow i dont think ill eat all day.
like, im seeing the boy i fancy.
miiight have sex + i don't want to be bloated or flabby.
so yeah

but ergh.
im so confused.
the guy i like, lets call him bob, i went out sorta with him on thursday and we ended up making out and her fingered me.
but lik,e the guy i used to like, and still kinda do, now fancys me.
+ ima seeing him on monday.
but like, he wrote me a bit of a song..
and that like, makes me fall in lvoe with peopleD:
so im pretty much fucked(:
kkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll mmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, 2 October 2008

i ate heaps today.
but iono.
i actually had a rly good day...
i havent had a good day in so long.
its weird.
fuckfuckfuck oh well.
i feel sick now though(n)
ill go throw up(y)

i got stretchers!
nah there 5ml, and amazing!
im psyched, i want to go do my other ear, but it hurts so im like :Z
maybe not tonight...